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Shingle Roofing Protection

Roofing Protection

Waterproofing underlayment prevents leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain in the vulnerable areas.

Roofers' Select™

High-performance underlayment is a secondary barrier against leaks for the entire roof.

Shingles and Accessories
High-quality shingles are covered by one of the best warranties in the business.  Accessory products - start course, and hip and ridge cap shingles - complete your roof from start to finish.

Proper attic ventilation improves air circulation.  Air Vent, Inc. ventilation products are recommended for use in connection with the integrity Roof System.

Winter Guard™
WinterGuard Sand and WinterGuard Granular are designed for use on roof decks as a waterproofing underlayment beneath shingle, slate and tile roofs to prevent leakage due to water backup from ice dams or wind-driven rain.   WinterGuard HT, an advanced waterproofing underlayment, is specially formulated to resist high roof temperatures and is the only WinterGuard product to be warranted for use under metal roofs.  WinterGuard is most commonly used in critical areas such as roof eaves, valleys and low-slope applications.

WinterGuard is classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to be a suitable underlayment for use in any UL Class A, B or C fire rated shingle system, and it is manufactured to meet ASTM D1970.
Roofing Protection
When snow and ice melt, trapped water can infiltrate to damage the roof deck and building interior.

Roofing Protection
WinterGuard is installed under shingled roofing to prevent water damage from ice dams, as well as wind-driven rain.

StreakFighter™ algae resistance protection

What is StreakFighter?  It's a special feature that protects a wide range of CertainTeed shingles from the streaking, spotting and discoloration caused by airborne algae.  StreakFighter helps safeguard a roof's beauty, especially in humid areas.

SureStart™ protectionSureStart™ protection
Because CertainTeed roofing products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, we confidently include the additional assurance of Sure Start™ protection with all CertainTeed shingles.  SureStart provides the strongest protection you can get in the vital early years after your new roof has been installed.

Simply put, if a manufacturing defect is discovered during the SureStart period, CertainTeed will provide reimbursement of 100% of the cost of the shingles and labor to repair the defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace the defective shingles (exclusive of costs of tear-off and disposal, except for Grand Manor, Centennial Slate, Carriage House, Presidential Shake TL, Landmark TL and Presidential Shake).

Roofers Select
This revolutionary high-performance underlayment combines new technology with the best attributes of true 15 and 30 lb. felt.

• Lays flat and is extremely resistant to wrinkling
• Reduces the likelihood of slipping for increased safety
• Doesn't tear away from fasteners when walked on or in strong wind
• Meets underlayment requirements for the CertainTEed Integrity Roof System™

In addition, our felt product offering includes:
►RoofWrap 30,™ #30 Plain Felt, ASTM D Type II, UL10269
►RoofWrap 15,™ #15 Plain Felt, ASTM D Type 1, UL10269
►RoofWrap 30,™ #30 Plain Felt, ASTM D Type 1, non-UL
►RoofWrap 15,™ #15 Plain Felt, ASTM D Type 1, non-UL

Lasting BeautyLasting Beauty
CertainTeed's stunning line-up of products is designed to work together beautifully, so you can mix and match colors to your heart's content.  For instance, Grand Manor punctuated with rich accents of Carriage House.

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