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Insurance Damage Consulting Services

NOW OFFERING: Insurance Damage Consulting Services
for both Residential and Commercial properties from Roofing, Guttering, Siding and total property inspections.

• Are you not getting enough from your insurance company?
• Is it possible a run of gutter or some facia metal is damaged?
• Not sure who to call for a second opinion before you are swayed to hire?
• Especially for those who didn't get enough money in the beginning:

we offer our consulting services to look your home over high and low for anything missed that could be getting deductibles paid, depreciation met or any money owed to you for something you'll end up replacing out of pocket down the road that you've already been paying for monthly - and we'll deal with your insurance provider directly. 
The last 3 houses I've scrutinized I've obtained
homeowners from $2000.00 - $10,000.00 in extra funds

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It's an honest, easy mistake to miss damage that has to be scrutinized and searched for by a pro like us, but adjusters are just sent to look at roofs, solely.  The last 3 houses I've scrutinized I've obtained homeowners from $2000.00 - $10,000.00 in extra funds who all along agreed that they should be getting damages paid to them for dings in their sunroom panels or their damaged gutters.

We know what your supposed to be getting.

Our terms are easy and honest:  First, this is no scam or con - this is us doing a thorough search of your property seeing if anything has been missed or damaged that you're not aware of.  Upon are findings, you have the option to do what you choose. Our usual fruits of labor is either our contract with you to do the job on the assessed damage work or 10-20 percent payment to our company of any extra damage myself or any of my crew members may have found for you.

$2,000 x 0.10 = $200
$10,000 x 0.10 = $1,000  
Pretty fair payout for the $1,800 to $9,000 you may never have received, right?  You betcha! 

And let me tell you, I do so from the heart and to have a great customer in you that will help spread the word, as you can read about on my roof insurance page.

The common sense of it all:  We can't spend endless hours getting you your money, which was overlooked or missed, nor me pay my employees to do so and not get compensated for it. We spend time looking for damage, and if we find more through our trained eyes: 1) we make sure you're aware; 2) we deal with adjusters and insurances to get you your money; 3) you then choose to award us (hire us) for the job/work or you pay us a percentage of your check for anything above your prior insurance quote for what extra damages me or any of my crew may have found you.

Because we spend a lot of time looking, figuring, writing quotes for damages to give to the insurance company and then, of course, meeting your adjuster and walking the property, showing all findings that nobody noticed prior to our visit, and getting you paid for what you didn't see was damaged, it's quite time consuming and costly to us.  The cost of making your home look good costs a lot, from all the building materials which keep raising in cost, but, yet, our hours and wages are either just enough to get by or not enough to do that in these trying days.

So any storm damage you have needs to be addressed by the insurance company, who you already pay a life's salary to. This is why you pay them and put all your trust in them. So just make sure your heat pump or something else serious isn't damaged that they won't be looking for. The very slightest of things are overlooked even by the most scrutinizing homeowner trying to things on his own.  Don't do that!  Give us a call to come look, or get us from the beginning and I promise you'll get just what you should of regardless of whose fault or who was too busy to notice.


McCallister says
"All I want to do is offer a fair price and not gouge the consumer just because they have a million dollar home and to make sure I jump through the hoops that it takes to get them top dollar, and then have them go on to their own friends and family with raves about my company, that I run a top notch business. I would much rather help them out, get the job, put in more effort, at lower costs and really work for the consumer and have leads come back to me like a whirlwind rather than exhausting my supply of houses because there are no recommendations and word of mouth. I believe wholeheartedly that you cannot do enough for your customers if you're expecting more business in return. It's my customer base who keeps me employed. My roofing jobs are like "my babies". My name is written on every shingle, every piece of metal, not on the George Washington's that go into my bank. In all honesty, my heart goes into my work because I have this overwhelming need to be the very best and the appreciation, comments and feedback give me great satisfaction and drive my every effort."


McCallister is in the business, not for money, but to be number one in the eyes of his customers and wants to, as he expresses, "roof the world" one neighbor at a time, one house at a time, one city at a time and to be an example of how a roofing company should be: good business, honesty, integrity, flawless work, good natured, mannerly, knowledgeable, cheaper than most and above all not afraid to go that extended mile that it may take to get you the coverage you deserve.


McCallister doesn't use subcontractors but chooses to hire staff who have 10 or more years of experience in the construction industry who are great at other exterior or interior trades as well, and who take pride in their work, try to be the best they can and leave with nothing short of a good review. One thing with McCallister, if at any time he or his team does fall short, he sure knows how to make it right and takes every complaint personally from any rare leak being fixed within hours of a call. And you can take that to the bank!


Give McCallister a call today. (423) 383-3197

He would love a chance to win your loyalty!!


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