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Roof insurance: ACV versus replacement cost


The recent wind and hail damage across the states has caused holes in roof insurance coverage because insurers are dialing back the roof coverage portion of homeowner policies, especially on older roofs, without you possibly even knowing it.


One trend is to offer ACV (Actual Cash Value) instead of RCV (Replacement Cost Value).


  • ACV: Your insurance company pays to repair or replace your roof, less the deductible and depreciation for the age and type of your roof.
  • RCV: Your insurance company pays all costs to make your roof whole again once your deductible is met and without factoring in depreciation.

Around 2012, Allstate lead this trend and hard-hit states such as Tennessee have insurance companies following their lead in moving away from the traditional RCV; although, Allstate gives homeowners a roof payment schedule upfront so that there are no surprises. Others just change your policy and send you a letter that you may view a junk and just toss out since they send you so much mail that you don't even open it anymore.


Some companies are setting up higher deductibles and some are making provisions that you must carry hail and wind damage coverage as they do with flood coverage.


If you live in the tri-cities or Tri-state areas, it would be a good idea to call your agent and see if there might by any upcoming changes to your policy rather than relying on a letter after the fact or trying to read code that only agents understand.


Not to beat up on the insurance companies because they are not getting paid the money that they put out, but you're not getting a refund either if you don't use that coverage, and consumers are feeling cheated if they don't have a need for it in the long run. Usually the insurance companies are fair and easy to work with but the agents just have to follow their policies and the companies have to also make money to even insure you. But this is not a win-win situation, but a win-lose on your part, unfortunately.


But there's no need to get beat up completely from all sides, especially by the out-of-town roofing companies who just don't care to take additional steps. Roofing by McCallister is not here to beat you up, but to work with your agent and they're home owners too, also being affected by this change. They're your neighbor. They've also felt the pains.


Insurance coverage for your roofing needs are not what they were yesteryear and would be unheard of back then.

When you hire Roofing by McCallister they are out there literally working for YOU, making sure you're getting paid for everything you've got damaged, in good faith, knowing they're going to get you way more than most because they check every inch of your property and have years of prior insurance claims experience. Their owner has had years of prior "storm chasing" experiences on the road in his younger days, so there's lessons that were taught and experiences gained that profit you today by hiring their team.


McCallister says
"All I want to do is offer a fair price and not gouge the consumer just because they have a million dollar home and to make sure I jump through the hoops that it takes to get them top dollar, and then have them go on to their own friends and family with raves about my company, that I run a top notch business. I would much rather help them out, get the job, put in more effort, at lower costs and really work for the consumer and have leads come back to me like a whirlwind rather than exhausting my supply of houses because there are no recommendations and word of mouth. I believe wholeheartedly that you cannot do enough for your customers if you're expecting more business in return. It's my customer base who keeps me employed. My roofing jobs are like "my babies". My name is written on every shingle, every piece of metal, not on the George Washington's that go into my bank. In all honesty, my heart goes into my work because I have this overwhelming need to be the very best and the appreciation, comments and feedback give me great satisfaction and drive my every effort."

McCallister is in the business, not for money, but to be number one in the eyes of his customers and wants to, as he expresses, "roof the world" one neighbor at a time, one house at a time, one city at a time and to be an example of how a roofing company should be: good business, honesty, integrity, flawless work, good natured, mannerly, knowledgeable, cheaper than most and above all not afraid to go that extended mile that it may take to get you the coverage you deserve.


McCallister doesn't use subcontractors but chooses to hire staff who have 10 or more years of experience in the construction industry who are great at other exterior or interior trades as well, and who take pride in their work, try to be the best they can and leave with nothing short of a good review. One thing with McCallister, if at any time he or his team does fall short, he sure knows how to make it right and takes every complaint personally from any rare leak being fixed within hours of a call. And you can take that to the bank!


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