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Our Procedures


If you're wondering how your roof, gutter or siding installations or repairs will be handled, we've listed some procedures below that you can expect from Roofing by McCallister while on your job.

Shingle Roofs
1   While removing the old shingles, we'll keep them in the dump trailer
2   We'll sweep the roof of all debris
3   We'll lay your choice of some type of underlayment - felt or synthetic
4   If the discovery of bad wood is found, we'll swap out the wood if needed
5   We'll install either 25yr., 30yr., or Lifetime warranty style shingles
6   We'll install any needed flashing and ridge vents and do all the detail work and caulking procedures to complete your roof job.
7   We'll then clean up our job that affected your property from ground up to roof

Metal Roofs
1   We usually remove any shingles from the perimeter which could conflict with our metal install
2   We'll remove the old roof vents, if they previously existed, and will cut ridgeline out for ridge vent - an inch cut off both sides of peak at ridge all the way across roof
3   We'll put synthetic underlayment over the existing shingles, nailed in with 1-1/4" roofing nails
4   Following the felt procedure, we'll start installing the 40yr roof panels, trim, pipe boots, edge rake, flashing, snow guards, and colored caulk
5   Depending on the layers of shingles on the roof and the roof's sheeting condition, do we'll decide if we'll remove the shingles or not.  In most cases, the shingles are usually used or act as insulation

Flat Roofs - Rubber, Heat Weld, Modified
1   Depending on the existing roof, we'll either remove the existing layers or will try to get a smooth surface on what's there now.  For rubber:  add plywood, recovery board, or tapered insulation.  For modified: add a fire retardant base sheet to which the modified roofing material burns to. These sub roof products are attached with nails, screws, or anchors depending on deck.
2   Attach to the insulation or base sheet.
3   We'll flash around the penetrations, drains or boxes in the roof
4   We'll caulk, coat, or waterproof the roof area to get water tight
5   If there's a coupling or edge metal to be installed we'll do that
6   We've worked with all the many systems, whether they are Firestone™, Genflex™, or the many others.  We'll work within any new construction requirements that are to be installed by precise specifications.

Gutter Installs
1   We'll usually remove any existing guttering and will dispose of it, unless you have a use for it.
2   We'll run seamless guttering of your color choice
3   We'll cut inlets in, putting end caps on, connecting to miters if applicable
4   We like to use the under over caulking method before screwing any part of the gutter together, in order to get a nice watertight seal
5   We'll hang to the downspouts with an inch fall per ten feet.  This gives a good fall for the water to make it to the downspouts, rather than left laying in the center
6   We use the hangers, taking 2" wood grip screws through them.  No old gutter spikes here!
7   We'll then finish up with a good cleanup of the jobsite

Barn Painting and Repairs
1   Any loose nails are removed
2   Screws with washers are used
3   If any metal is loose or raised edges are seen, screws are put in these areas to reinforce the metal panels and keep them from blowing off
4   On most barns, you'll see the old galvanized -v panels.  If there's existing pain or the existing panels are dirty, we'll pressure wash them and let them dry
5   We'll paint with our mixture of asphalt, raw aluminum clumps, and cut with gas.  The asphalt seals the rust.  The aluminum leaves the roof silver.  The gas allows the three products to be mixed enough to pain through our gas operated paint machine.
6   Although the most important part of sealing and stopping rust from expiring roofing panels, our past barn paintings have held up very well with slight darkening over the years.  Your initial color choice should consider this change.

Commercial Building Coating
1   This process is pretty much like the barn painting process, except extra materials are used
2   We'll remove and replace any bad screws in your roof
3   We'll coat all screw heads with rubberized roof coatings
4   Wherever any bad laps exist, a mesh style fabric is used over the seams to strengthen the area in between coats of rubberized roof coatings
5   After all penetrations have been sealed, we'll apply our Award Winning rubberized roof coating over the whole roof area with nap and rollers.
6   After the materials have set up and dried, another walk through isn't unusual to make sure your roof is in good order.

Siding Installations
1   Depending if you have aluminum, lap, or old vinyl siding, a removal may or may not apply
2   Next, we like to install a fan-fold insulation.  This keeps heat in and helps keep the siding from warping in hot conditions
3   We'll then case all windows in coil stock of your choice
4   We'll install all the J-Channel, siding, soffet and facia work, etc
5   We'll finish up the job with sealing around the windows and clean up work
6   We use only superior siding products

General Roof Repairs
    Roofs get old, worn out and leak. You may be wanting to buy some time with a roofing repair job before actually having to replace your roof.

Whether it's shingles, metal, commercial or industrial roof repairs, we're going to get those leaks stopped and will not tell you it can't be fixed, trying to sell you on a new roof. Your job will be thoroughly discussed with you and decisions will be made that will keep both Roofing by McCallister and the customer out of harm's way.

When you're ready for that new roof at a later date, we want to be the one you call on, so there's no "up-selling, taking your money and running" with McCallister. We depend on you for our word-of-mouth referrals and we want you to depend on us as well.

Working as both union roofers up north and fixing roofs across the south, we have more experience than most with repairs. If it can be done, it will be done.

If we take a leak repair on, and it still leaks, we'll be there from day one until it stops. When dealing with Roofing by McCallister, you're not going to have to hire every roofing company in town just to get a problem fixed. If we tell you we will stop the leak, you can take that to the bank. Sometimes this may take awhile but usually this is done with our first go-around.


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