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Metal Roofing - The History

Dated back before Christ, Jerusalem roofed their temple with a copper roof.  Later, you would see the metal roofs being used for stylish purposes on homes in the Virgin Islands where metal roofing systems are valued because of being able to withstand hurricanes and high winds and even earthquakes.  With Dutch style peaked roofs the metal purified water for household use if coupled with a good drainage system and storage containers.


Metal Roofs are fire-resistant, as well.


Along came the importing of corrugated metal in the 1800's, which became less expensive and available just about anywhere.  As its useage increased, so did its use in a roofing material because it was more practical and with a versatility more sought after than tiles made of clay.


The twentieth century came and there were many manufacturing advances in the production of metal for the construction industry.  With these early techniques, production continued to grow in the automation of roll-forming, coatings, sealants and fastening systems while lower the cost of steel roofing. 


Popularity for metal as a roofing material has continued to rise rapidly due to the costs, versatility and variety of colors, styles and textures.


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