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Roof and Gutter Insurance Claims Roof and Gutter Insurance Claims    

A personal note from Avi McCallister:

I will get you taken care of from start to finish.  I'll make sure you get paid for the missed gutter damage, fascia metal, or sunroom, etc. 

Having chased storms for 5 years in the past and in dealing with all company's in the present, if you've got this type of damage, I'll find it, point it out, talk about it, fight about it, and beat down the doors to get it fixed under your policy.  Of course, I'm nice about it, but agents prefer roofing companies who turn a blind eye and want the quick dollar and move onto their next project.

I don't have any other agenda, but to get your claim paid by seeking out all damage and in getting your roofing and guttering job - from beginning to end - no matter how long the struggle is to get you top dollar and myself to get your job.   Does that sound fair enough?  If I go over the top, all I ask in return is to do your roofing and/or guttering needs.  I can honestly say that I have not seen any other company bothering with the agents about any additional damages besides your roof, because I'm called out for estimates and get more dollars on the jobs I've done and have not been turned down yet for the additional discoveries.

Have you had storm damage?
Does it look like any of these?
Roof and Gutter Insurance Claims Roof and Gutter Insurance Claims Roof and Gutter Insurance Claims
I'm posting this today because I'm amazed by the oversights and lack of enthusiasm I've seen in competitors' results of "quote, cut and run".  Why?  My yard signs are plastered throughout neighborhoods, in yards of folks who have spread the word to their neighbors about my services that actually should be done by all roofing companies - but they don't.  Are they afraid of the Agents?  Do they fear stepping on toes?  I don't understand and it's irritating to me and I want you to know there is a difference!  Period!

Roof insurance: ACV versus replacement cost

There are many policies and insurance companies but in this area Farm Bureau isn't paying deprecation now?  You need an experienced, honest, individual that's in the insurance data bases.

I'm finding damage on every house in the Kingsport area, other roofers and insurance are missing!  Why?  Because the struggle cuts into time and profit and they don't know what to do to get all repairs covered under your individual policies, simply don't want to or simply fear being rejected by the insurance companies. 

Do you have that new $1,000.00 deductible? A lot of the time I'll even get that slashed.

I just want to do your roof, not for thousands more than it's quoted you, like these rich out of state company's that will be gone in year.

I have an A rating with better business bureau, and I treat every house like it's mine, because I want you to rave to all your friends.

I’m an Insurance Specialist and insurance agents hate to see me coming.  

They know I will take the extra 5 or so hours doing the hard work of finding all of your damage and insisting they pay for it all, where other companies are just "storm chasing" and don’t want to tackle these negotiations. Suffering under Farm Bureau's new rules and not getting the answers or money you need?

Call me.  Just give me a try.

Avi McCallister, Storm and Insurance Specialist
Roofing by McCallister
(423) 383-3197

Out of State Roofing Company Complaints/Reviews

I'm getting a lot of complaints about out of state roofing companies charging way above replacement cost for damage work and then when the insurance company doesn't pay, the homeowners are stuck with the bill or the roofing company is taking them to court even after telling the homeowner that they would deal with the insurance company directly and that everything would be taken care of. 

That is just not right and a dishonest & underhanded way of profiting from jobs!

That's one of the main reasons you deal with one of your local roofing companies like ourselves, or any other companies in the BBB that have no complaints or closed cases and an "A" rating or better. It's a proven fact, the BBB works and screens companies better than any other source out there. Plus, most of us will be around when those others are long gone.

In closing, I want you to know, and be at ease, that we're honest guys, doing top-notch work at reasonable or lower pricing, usually. Plus, we help those in need when felt to, because we've been blessed to stay in business this long.

Storm or no storm, you get the same price from me.  I don't have to gouge during a storm or profit from overcharging. 

I profit from doing you a top notch job, your bragging on us to family and friends, and you calling us back for future work.
Farm Bureau Sufferers?
1   Effective October 1, 2012, Tennessee Famers Mutual Insurance Company (Farm Bureau) decided to settle all roof claims for actual cash value rather than full replacement value for all new and renewal business. In addition, Farm Bureau will now require that all hail losses be reported within one year from the date the hail damage occurred for all property policies.
2   Farm Bureau added the new endorsement to all policies regardless of the age or condition of the roof. Previously, Farm Bureau had only been adding AC V endorsements to policies on an individual basis where it was determined that the roof's condition was such that the policy would be cancelled or not renewed without the AC V endorsement.
3   This change has been a topic of interest for several years in the General Assembly as a result of roofing companies offering consumers a "free roof" in aggressive marketing campaigns. However, the change likely resulted from hail and wind losses Farm Bureau has suffered in recent years.

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