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Gallery of Roofing Jobs
by McCallister Roofing
Farm house in Mandota Farm house in Mandota First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN First Baptist Church - Erwin, TN Blue Springs Christian Church - Stoney Creek, TN Blue Springs Christian Church - Stoney Creek, TN Blue Springs Christian Church - Stoney Creek, TN Blue Springs Christian Church - Stoney Creek, TN Metal/Rubber Roof - House in Bristol, VA Metal/Rubber Roof - House in Bristol, VA Metal/Rubber Roof - House in Bristol, VA Shingle Roof - Stoney Creek, TN Shingle Roof- Bristol, VA
5 v tin tearoffs, install 40 yr metal
This was a very nice farm house in Mendota with a 120 yr old metal roof. First, we remove old panels, move the slay boards on roof so screws will be straight once fastened. Then, installed single bubble insulation over top slats to keep heat in and any future problems with condensation. Then, installed all panels, valleys, transitions, chimney flashing, edge rakes, etc. These houses are labor intensive and dangerous. But, we took our time and installed Lyons 40yr Dark Red panels for what turned out to be a beautiful roofing job.
Mendota, Va 2016
30yr Architectural Install
Tore off roof, replaced all bad wood, re-flashed 2 chimneys, tuck pointed both chimneys, drip edge, synthetic felt, 30 year charcoal (CertainTeed Shingles) May 2015
30 yr replacement, EPDM on flat roof
Removed and hauled away existing shingles, new felt, drip edge, boots and concealed ridge vent, EPDM on flat front porch, nail over on building . Gaf/Elk Slate Gray 30 yr shingles.
Eckhart Street, Blountville, Tn 2016
40 year metal roof install
Dark Red (40 year Lyon's Metal Roofing)  Installed by Roofing By McCallister. May 2015
East Watauga, Johnson City, Johnson City, Tn
Commercial Roof Coatings
This flooring shop is attached to 3 other buildings, what's coated is what we did. There was over 20 leaks in the providence flooring business here. Way beyond repair, roofers upon roofers worked on it but never got them stopped, but guess what we did. Replace all bad fasteners, coated every screw head, all laps, all holes in all panels, replaced worse panels. Coated the shingle section black, fixed valley, all coupling. Every single hole. Every inch of the place, then coated all metal sections with Rubberized roof coatings. This was one of the very worst roofs I've ever taken on, but we did it because they said we couldn't. Now, of course this is a five year hold you over job, the roof is rusted through and has been for years. But a specialist in commercial coatings can do wonders with top grade coatings.
2016 Kingsport
40 yr Koko Brown
This was a big mechanics building in Gray, Tn. It had acquired some storm damaged and owner wanted this to be last roof he installed. So we vented ridge, cut shingles back from edges, installed synthetic felt. Then, all Lyons 40yr KoKo Brown panels, trim, end walls, ridges, rakes, etc. Very fine turnout.
Gray, TN 2016
Metal Roof Installation
Vented main ridges, synthetic felt over existing shingles, reattached gutters. Installed Lyons 40yr Barn Red roof panels, trim, flashings, rakes, etc. Set this place off.
Hickory Tree Rd, Bluff City, Tn 2016
40 year Forrest Green
217 Rutledge Street Bristol, Tn 37620
Lyon's 40 year Ag panel installed by Roofing By McCallister Dec-2013
Metal tear off, reinstall Lyons KoKo Brown
As you can see, we removed all old panels, moved slats for screws, installed insulation, new panels, trim, flashings, and of course one of the hardest things to flash, stone chimneys. Stone chimneys had been leaking for 20 yrs, because there's no real way to flash uneven stones. But, over the years I've came up with my own stone chimney flashing install that's the only way I've seen these things work. So many people have leaks if they have stone chimneys. Well, as you can see in the bottom picture, there is a way to do them, but it's my secret. They don't have that leak they had for 20 yrs prior, because the called they pros.
Whitetop Rd, Bristol, Tn 2015
New 40yr metal roof, 6" gutter and downspouts , snow guards included
This roof was in need of our TLC. We cut ridge line for ventilation, installed synthetic underlayment over existing shingles, installed Fern Green Metal from Lyon Metal. Followed by 6" white gutter and downspouts to accommodate all the new extra water flow generated with metal roofs.  Also you'll notice the snow bar.  Another top-notch job by Roofing by Mccallister.
Remove shingles, re-sheet, new synthetic , 30yr shingles , new 5" gutter
113 Rolling Acres, Road Gray, TN
We started by having shingles stocked on roof. Tore off existing, put new sheeting needed, dried in, installed new pipe flanges, new chimney flash, concealed ridge vent, drip edge, 30yr Heather Blend (CertainTeed). Installed all new 5" gutter and downspouts/ bronze. Ran nail magnet, cleanup of jobsite. Another thrilled customer.
Insurance job, tree fell on house
This whole roof was heat stressed or dry rotted. So we took a short cut, a little less costly. Removed shingles, felt, replaced bad trusses, then decked over existing plywood with another layer of 1/2. Making it a solid 1" for half the cost. We fully adhered EPDM rubber roofing material to flat sections and up on pitched roofs. We then shingled above transition areas. Re-flashed chimney, fixed big water trap gully on front side. Installed new window, damaged gutter, fascia metal. As you can see it took nearly a week to get this tiny roof back to its roots.
Carolina Ave, Bristol, Tn 2015
(Textbook Roofing)
Insurance claim
We removed shingles, swept roof, ice and water on flat front porch, re-flashed all dormers, new felt, drip edge, 30 yr Architectural shingles.
Gray, Tn
40 yr metal
Installed felt over shingles, then put on Lyon 40yr brown panels, trim, take, snow guards.
Both apartment buildings - Kingsport, Tn
Reroofing flat roof, replacing bad metal decking
This is just one of the sections at Alendale Shopping Center in Kingsport, Tn. I had repaired to there was no repair left. We removed three roof layers along with wet insulation board and gravel. The building was on verge of caving in on bottom edge as you can see the metal decking we're trying to replace in mid air. Holding units up, and replacing when there's no metal left is a very dangerous and taxing job. But we replaced all bad decking, installed 4+ inches of Iso board to specs. Then fully adhered heat weld material to insulation board, welded all laps, all walls. Installed coupling on very top to cap. The whole bottom edge of building was rotted plum through on metal deck. We got it replaced in sections in a safe manner. We install every flat roof system ever made. We try to install systems best fitting that job. Heat weld is thought to be superior, so that's went on this 100sq section.  I issued 10 yr workmanship warranty with this install.
Alendale Shopping Center in Kingsport, Tn (2014)
Metal roof install
Fixed bad wood, then synthetic over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Dark Gray panels, chimney flashings, rakes, ridge caps.
Insurance job in Johnson City, Tn
Metal tearoffs
Removed old 5v tin, put slat boards on 2ft centers, installed single bubble insulation to keep heat in and fight and future condensation issues. Lyons 40 yr Black panels, trim, rakes, snow guards, etc.
Chinquapin Grove Rd, Bluff City, Tn 2015

Lyons 40yr Ag panel over existing
Forest Green, Elizabethton, Sept, 2016
Metal Roof Install
Lyons 40yr Charcoal, EPDM on flat sections
Peaceful Valley Road, Abingdon, Va 2016
Tree fell through house
Installed 4 new trusses, 10 sheets plywood, rebuilt overhang, fascia, left cable. Removed shingles, synthetic, Lyons 40 yr Burgundy, new gutter and downspouts
Michael Drive, Johnson City, Tn 2016
40yr metal over existing
Removed non working chimney on back, painted shutters and garage door . Installed single bubble insulation over Architectural. Lyons 40yr black. Turnkey
Hwy 126, Bristol, Tn 2016
Insurance Job
Lyons 40yr Dark Red, new fascia boards and 6" gutter on sides
Elizabethton, Tn 2016
Complete rehab
New Lyons 40 yr metal roof, new 6" gutter and downspouts, all new Wincore Windows, new soffit and fascia metal on whole house, fan fold insulation then Dutch lap siding , reframed all windows and cased, built trap door back side. No siding outer porch, homeowner had plans for. Total rehab done by Roofing by McCallister, no subs
Catherine Street, Bristol, Va 2016
Insurance claim Install
Synthetic over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Dark Red, trim, snow guards, etc.
Infinity Drive, Elizabethton, Tn
30 yr shingle install
Removed existing, wood replacement , new felt, flashing, drip edge, ridge vent.
New 5" gutter and downspouts, Royal brown
30 yr architectural replacement
Removed existing shingles & disposed, replaced bad wood, new felt, drip edge, boots, vents, gaf/elf 30 yr Moire Black
School Street, Blountville, Tn 2016
Metal Roof and EPDM flat roof
Removed 4 skylights, decked in, synthetic felt over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Burgundy, trims, flashing, snow guards. Lower flat roof had metal which we removed and trashed. Re-sheeted whole flat roof, fully adhered EPDM 20' wide rolls to plywood. Black glued 1 lap in middle, term barred and caulked at wall. Term barred in gutter, run perimeter cover strip down side edges. Now leak proof .
2016 in Johnson City, Tn
40 yr metal over existing
Vented main ridge, synthetic over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Dark Gray Metal, trim, snow guards, etc.
Gray,Tn 2016
Dark Red
Vent main ridge, senthetic over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Dark Red, trim, snowgsurds, etc.
Limestone, Tn 2016
Trailer roof install, 5" gutters
Attached 1/4 slats horizontally every 18", screwing boards into fine little 2x2 truss running vertical. Boards went around perimeter, around penetrations, and up takes. Next attached drip edge over bottom at very edge to cover gap, then attached panels to slat boards. After roof was installed we attached gutters with hidden hangers, trying to hit little 2x2 roof truss at bottom edge. Last, we installed 4 downspouts. One at all four ends. This is correct way to install trailer roof to past interlocking metal panels. Lyons 40 yr Dark Gray
Johnson City, Tn 2016
Metal Roof Install
We cut shingles back from edges, installed synthetic felt over existing shingles, then installed Lyons 40 yr Brown panels, trim, valleys, rake, ridge cap, etc. Caulked any needed areas and cleanup of jobsite.
Burgie Street, Elizabethon, Tn 2016
30 yr shingles
Removed and disposed of old shingles. We installed new felt, drip edge , flashings, chimney flash, concealed ridge vent, and 30 yr gaf/elf architectural shingles. Fixed blown of fascia metal and gutter.
Elizabethon, Tn 2016
Metal roof and 6" gutters
We nailed synthetic over existing shingles, installed all Lyons 40yr Charcoal roof panels, trim, chimney flashings, edge rakes, snow guards, etc. Then, we installed new white 6" gutters and downspouts, with Sureflo gutter guards.
Johnson City,Tn 2016
Rubberized Roof Coating
We pressure washed flat roof tops chipping loose all the previous existing coatings. We sealed exposed screws and metal lap joints on roof. Then we coated with a very expensive superior coating, cleanup, etc.
Johnson City, Tn 2016
40 yr metal and 5" gutters
We installed felt, then Lyons 40yr Black roof panels and all accessories . We then ran and installed 5" seamless white gutter and downspouts.
Johnson City,Tn 2015
30 yr architectural shingle install
Removed existing shingles, swept roof, installed felt, drip edge, 30 yr CertainTeed Architectural shingles, new boots, concealed vent, chimney flashing, all necessary caulking, run nail magnet, 3 yr workmanship warranty. Nothing but the best!
Bright Red
We vented ridge, removed all noticeable shingles, synthetic felt over shingles. Then installed all Lyons 40 yr roof panels, take trims, pipe boots, ridges, etc. Made this little ole farm house look alive.
Piney Flats, Tn
Shingle reroof
We're hard at it, removing 20 yr 3 tab shingles, installing Architectural shingles.
Flag Pond, Tn 2015
Lyons 40 yr Black
Vent main ridge, synthetic over existing shingles, Lyons 40 yr Black panels, trim, rakes, etc.
Bristol,Va 2015
EPDM rubber roofing with metal above
When we got up on this roof, there was metal overlapping every which way with pounds of roof cement. It being low slope and rolling over with valleys and ridges and old house on slats. We elected to remove all metal off back top flat sections. We decked whole thing in with 1/2 plywood to give us a smooth solid surface to adhere our EPDM on all the rolling hills and valleys. We then black glued all our many laps. Rubber ran up onto the pitched roof on whole back side. We then installed new Lyons panels on all pitched roofs to peak where we installed cap over. We didn't make any money on this job, but we never get call backs either. We're master roofers in all fields, never coming across anything we can't fix, sometimes it's a little more labor intensive as this was, but metal back on this roof over slats would of been leaking in no time. By incorporating EPDM which is meant to ponder water we never have to worry about it getting up screws or laps.

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