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Flat Roofing - TPO Application Options

GenFlex TPO™
GenFlex TPO™

TPO offers the flexibility and weathering resistance of rubber, plus the versatility of a thermoplastic.  The seams may be either het-welded or sealed with same tape.
Installation methods: Mechanically attached, fully adhered and ballasted
  • Thickness: 45 mil (1.14 mm) and 60 mil (1.52 mm)
  • Standard widths: Range from 4" - 12.33' (1.22 m - 3.76 m) depending on color
  • Standard length: 100' (30.5 m)
  • Colors: White, Grey and Tan.  White TPO meets EPA and DOE Energy Star requirements.

GenFlex TPO Peel & Stick™

GenFlex TPO Peel & Stick - with heat-weld (HW) seams or high-performance seam adhesive (SA) edge to edge - helps reduce labor and installation time.

  • Thickness: 45 mil (1.14 mm) and 60 mil (1.52 mm)
  • Standard widths: White HW - 6.25' (1.91 m) and 10' (m)   White SA - 37 1/2" (952.5 mm) and 6.25' (1.91 m)
  • Standard lengths: 45 mil SA - 50' (15.2 m) and 100' (30.5 m)   All other products - 100' (30.5 m)

GenFlex TPO Plus™

TPO Plus is designed to provide greater puncture resistance, breaking strength and long-term performance.
  • Installation methods: Mechanically attached, fully adhered and ballasted
  • Thickness: 72 mil (1.83 mm) and 80 mil (2.03 mm) White
  • Standard widths: 4' (1.22 m) and 8' (2.43 m)
  • Standard length: 75' (22.9 m)
Now, this is cool.
We all know reflective roofing materials are proven to keep solar heat out of buildings.  And that increases energy savings.  But did you know that in certain geographic regions, our Cool Roof systems stay 50 degrees to 60 degrees cooler at peak times than traditional roofing membranes?  It's our way of protecting the environment, lowering cooling costs and keeping owners and occupants smiling. 

As if that weren't enough, we're also a partner in the EPA Energy Star program.  Not only do GenFlex White TPO products meet EPA requirements, they also meet stringent reflectance and emittance criteria in the LEED program.


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