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Flat Roofing - TPO Accessories

Peel & Stick™ accessories
Peel & Stick™ accessories simplify applications and make them quicker. Thousands of jobs have been seamed, sealed and detailed with Peel & Stick accessories.
Peel & Stick™ TPO Flashing Membrane
  • Pre-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Pre-cut flashing sizes for less set-up time
  • 18 3/4" width (476 mm) x 100' length (30.5 m) 
Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape
  • Two-sided, cured butl seam tap (White)
  • One-step clean-and-prime application with scrub pad and handle
  • Excellent adhesion to TPO membranes
  • 3" width (76.2 mm) x 100' length (30.5 m) rolls
Peel & Stick™ Pipe Boots
  • Injection-molded TPO boot with pre-applied butyl tape
  • Fast and easy installation with GenFlex clear primer
  • Fits openings from 1" - 6" (25.4 mm - 152.4 mm)
Peel & Stick™ Cover Tape
  • 5" (127 mm) wide TPO membrane flashing
  • Fast and easy way to strip in metal edge
  • Can also be used to patch holes or punctures in membrane
Scrub Pad and Handle
  • Designed to apply clear primer to TPO membranes in one-step process
  • Required application tools for GenFlex clear primer
  • Abrasive pads and molded plastic handles
Clear Primer
  • Promotes excellent adhesion to TPO
  • Clear color improves aesthetics
  • For use with all Peel & Stick TPO accessories
  • Convenient 3 gal. (11.4 L) pail
Fasteners and Accessories
No roofing system is complete without fasteners.  That's why GenFlex offers a complete line of fasteners and installation accessories to make sure your roofing system isn't missing a thing.  For specific application needs, see the product data sheets at www.GenFlex.com


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