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Commercial Roof Coating

The processes of Commercial Building Coating for your roof or roofing needs.


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Commercial Building Coating
1   This process is pretty much like the barn painting process, except extra materials are used
2   We'll remove and replace any bad screws in your roof
3   We'll coat all screw heads with rubberized roof coatings
4   Wherever any bad laps exist, a mesh style fabric is used over the seams to strengthen the area in between coats of rubberized roof coatings
5   After all penetrations have been sealed, we'll apply our Award Winning rubberized roof coating over the whole roof area with nap and rollers.
6   After the materials have set up and dried, another walk through isn't unusual to make sure your roof is in good order.
Below is some information about Akzo Nobel products we use.

Premium Paint Systems by Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel
Akzo Nobel

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