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Barn Painting

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Barn Painting and Repairs
1   Any loose nails are removed
2   Screws with washers are used
3   If any metal is loose or raised edges are seen, screws are put in these areas to reinforce the metal panels and keep them from blowing off
4   On most barns, you'll see the old galvanized -v panels.  If there's existing pain or the existing panels are dirty, we'll pressure wash them and let them dry
5   We'll paint with our mixture of asphalt, raw aluminum clumps, and cut with gas.  The asphalt seals the rust.  The aluminum leaves the roof silver.  The gas allows the three products to be mixed enough to pain through our gas operated paint machine.
6   Although the most important part of sealing and stopping rust from expiring roofing panels, our past barn paintings have held up very well with slight darkening over the years.  Your initial color choice should consider this change.
Many metal roofs installed on homes have lasted 80 to 100 years with periodic maintenance. Tests have shown that the layers or coatings - both metallic and polymer - have shown to outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated metals.


Below is some information about Akzo Nobel products we use.

Below is some information about Akzo Nobel products we use.

Premium Paint Systems by Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel
Akzo Nobel

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